Next Generation Marketing is full of travel enthusiasts. The business trips our leaders offer as incentives and thanks for hard work trigger plenty of excitement around our office. We’re currently looking forward to an awards weekend that will be hosted by one of our partners in the Dominican Republic.

We’re eagerly awaiting this getaway. These are some of the highlights and takeaways we expect:

  • Awards: As our reference to this trip suggests, there will be awards presented during our excursion. As the focal point of the weekend, top companies will be recognized. We are confident that Next Generation Marketing will be among them! 
  • Networking: The Dominican Republic event will be well attended by CEOs from businesses that are breaking new ground in the sales and marketing industry. By connecting with them, we’ll gain insight into the latest best practices in our field. This sharing of ideas will fuel what we are doing in Next Generation Marketing.
  • Team-Building: When we step away from our daily routines – and especially when we can explore new places together – we strengthen our bonds. Making memories and getting to know each other outside our usual roles leads to increased morale and performance when we return to the office.

Our upcoming trip is sure to yield big benefits. Like Next Generation Marketing on Facebook for more on this and future team adventures.