People are faced with countless choices on a daily basis. Some of their decisions are monumental, affecting marriages, careers, and physical health. Other decisions, such as whether to wear the brown shirt or the black shirt, are so miniscule they don’t warrant much thought. Still other choices are so difficult that people avoid making them at all. As we discuss the nuances of choice during Next Generation Marketing meetings, we focus on a few essentials.

For instance, we think ambitious individuals should choose to think positively every day. When faced with daunting tasks and big challenges, it can be tempting to focus on everything that can go wrong. The Next Generation Marketing mind-set is different. We make conscious decisions to think about the best possible outcomes of each scenario. Doing so keeps us focused and motivated.

Similarly, it’s important to choose upbeat and success-driven acquaintances. Research has found that associating with success will yield more of the same. The Next Generation Marketing workplace is full of talented, supportive, and passionate people. We have no problem lifting each other up.

We also decide to act. Without this awareness, we risk getting so caught up in planning that small details act as big distractions and get in the way of progress. Deliberate action guarantees outcomes, even if those outcomes are merely lessons learned.

By making these decisions, we stay on track for heightened success. Like us on Facebook to discover more about our journey to the top.