Want to learn the secret to Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s success? We apply a principle known as the 2 mm shift, which can mean the difference from being on the right road or in the ditch. Things can change on a dime with the economy and we need to move fast to not get left behind.

So what is this 2 mm shift? It’s realizing that sometimes even a small move can bring us closer to victory. It’s about being able to pivot quickly when changes occur. For Next Generation Marketing Inc., its responding quickly to customers’ evolving needs.

“We are in marketing, which is all about knowing your audience, who you are talking to, and how to talk to them,” said Miriam, Executive Office Manager. “Everyone is different. Everyone learns differently. So, it is imperative to be able to adapt.”
It’s not just at events where things can take swift turns, which is why our Next Generation Marketing Inc. leadership welcomes feedback from our team. “One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is not listening to the employees, partners, or people that work within the business,” said Kevin, our CEO. “If everyone is on the same page, we all move forward.”

Kevin also noted that the talent within our organization is more powerful than anywhere else, so when these committed marketing specialists speak up, he listens. “Some of the best ideas come from our people,” he said. “They are as invested as we are.”

Because we keep focused on the end prize, we’re able to apply that 2 mm shift when needed and adjust our course. Learn more about how we’re driving success by liking us on Facebook.