“Knowledge without action is useless,” said Kevin Braden, Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s CEO. “If you want to advance you must use it.” And that’s exactly what our team does. Without doubt, our Next Generation Marketing Inc. success has much to do with our intense learning environment. However, it’s not enough to acquire knowledge each day. We also focus on how we’re going to put our skills and knowhow to work.

We know action means more than just showing up, so on a daily basis, we’re focused on moving the needle on our goals by taking the necessary steps to accomplish them. No one owns the patent for the perfect strategy; we learn from trying, refining our approach, and trying once more.

Around here, we’re all focused on personal and professional growth. “Applying what you have learned is a sign of growth in both business and life,” said Shruti Chandra, Account Manager. “If you are not implementing something you learned, then what’s the purpose of learning or even life itself?”

“Each new skill we learn helps us grow our toolbox,” explained Tina Harbert, Account Manager. “When used correctly, this toolbox will help us grow and develop our skills – both the ones we already have and the new ones we gain. If we do not apply the new skills we learn and stick to the old ones, we hold ourselves back from becoming everything we can, basically standing in the way of our own success.”

Each day, we increase our knowledge as individuals and as a team, and putting those newfound talents to work is why we’re number one in our industry. The success we’ve achieved is proof what we’re doing is effective. Check out our Next Generation Marketing Inc. Instagram to see the progress that reflects our philosophy of learning, doing, and succeeding.