We’re celebrating in our Next Generation Marketing, Inc office. As of December 11, we reached 12 years in business. From favorite memories to the best practices that have led our path to success, we are excited for what we’ve accomplished together.

“It’s been an awesome 12 years,” said Kevin, our Next Generation Marketing, Inc CEO. “We have reached so many milestones together as a team. We’ve reveled in outcomes we’ve achieved for the brands we represent, and most importantly, realized professional development that’s allowed each of us to thrive in our careers.”

Among the accomplishments the Next Generation Marketing, Inc team has achieved are exotic vacations. “The Rest and Relaxation Retreats are among our favorite memories we’ve shared,” said Kevin. “These events allowed us to not only enjoy each other’s company in luxurious settings, but also inspired us to raise the bar to be selected for this reward.”

Our firm’s ongoing success reflects our need to continually push ourselves farther and harder. “We’re always thinking outside the box to develop innovative solutions,” Kevin said. “We never allow ourselves to get too comfortable with success as we know that we need to constantly be ahead of the curve if we want to outpace the competition.”

Twelve years is just the start for our company when it comes to growth.