Around Next Generation Marketing Inc., we believe in setting our people up for success from day one. We provide them with a checklist that lists everything they have to do and learn to succeed within our firm. We’re quite literally handing them the keys to build their own careers with us. But it takes more than just checking off boxes to move ahead – a lot more.

What makes a difference when it comes to professional and personal growth with us? With Next Generation Marketing Inc., no one just shows up and goes through the motions. We don’t just learn the tasks on the checklist – we dig in so that they’re part of who we are. Rather than wait for someone to tell us what to do next, we find ways to define our own pathways, and if we need more knowledge, we network with people outside of our office so we’re primed to do our absolute best for ourselves, our company, and the brands we represent.

This mentality is what defines the Next Generation Marketing Inc. experience.
We are driven to deliver the best results we can. “Complacency is the killer of personal development,” says Kevin Braden, Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s CEO.

Miriam Carlinbryan, our Executive Office Manager, sums it up well. “Ultimately, when you become complacent, you stop growing. You start just going through the motions and stop adding value to the team and the business. You become replaceable pretty quickly.”

Fortunately, most of our people are more inclined to rise higher – and we give them all the incentive they need to go forth. “No seniority means to meet the requirements and promote yourself. Do you thrive in working for somebody else’s dreams or your own?” asks Jeremey Palma, a Sr. Brand Executive.

The growth cycle around our company is never-ending, and the results we bring in are evidence of how well this philosophy works for driving success. Like us on Facebook to join in the discussion about how to slay it at work and in life, just like we strive to do every day.