It’s coming up fast: time for the next national conference. This event is one of our Next Generation Marketing team’s best opportunities to expand their leadership horizons and meet others who share their passion for being the best in the event-based marketing industry. Shortly, our managers will hand-select associates who have proven they’re ready for the next level of participation.

“This national conference is one our people work hard to be selected to attend,” said Kevin, our Next Generation Marketing CEO. “We set goals for each of them to meet that are tied to their professional development objectives. Our associates compete against their best selves to be chosen to go. It’s exciting to see our team members put forth the effort to reach that next level.”

According to Kevin, the benefits we receive from participating in the conference are numerous. “I think it’s an amazing opportunity anytime we can network with professionals representing over 100 businesses from all corners of the nation,” he said. “We connect with them and develop key relationships that are important to our firm and our people over the long haul. The learning possibilities are endless as well. We’re gathering tips and tricks that have been effective in their businesses and regions that we can apply to our solutions in our Next Generation Marketing office.”

This trip is just one of the many our people will take in their careers with us.