We’re in it to win it at Next Generation Marketing Inc. We know that our talent and skills work best when we think like winners. Developing the right mind-set to achieve success is something our leaders emphasize at every opportunity.

Kevin Braden, Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s CEO, is a prime example of how having a success-driven mindset is key to accomplishing our goals. “We coach our team to think outside the box,” he explained. “To truly help people grow, we look at real life day-to-day challenges and help them navigate by thinking their way to success. We teach them to replace ‘I want’ with ‘I will.’”

At Next Generation Marketing Inc., our team members promote themselves, which means we want our people to always be learning and thinking about that next step. To do so, they have to get out of their comfort zones and take on new challenges. Even more, they need to try and understand the why behind each thing they do. When we take time to reflect on what we’ve achieved, we can repeat that success, improve on it, and even teach others.

Learning starts with our mentors, to whom each new team member is paired when they join our firm. “Our one-on-one coaching through Next Generation Marketing Inc. guides our people so we overcome obstacles with a successful attitude and positive outlook,” said Laura Seales, an Account Manager. “As a team, we are constantly supporting each other’s growth and promoting a strong work ethic.”

“The culture here is all about growth, both personal and business,” exclaimed Jeremey Palma, Sr. Brand Executive. “I love that we have a supportive mind-set in our company, where everybody helps each other when we come together as a team.”

Each new skill or technique we learn puts us even closer to accomplishing our goals. Follow us on Facebook to see how we put our ever-growing knowledge to work to create potent campaigns for the brands we represent.