Next Generation Marketing Inc. has been powering growth in 2018 – and we’ve set even bigger goals for ourselves for 2019! Kevin, our firm’s CEO and Founder reported that we’re projected to double in size during the coming year. This is because of our hands-on training model that both educates our team and sets them up for success in the business world. We’ve learned so much throughout 2018, including taking on two new platforms and adding two brands to our portfolio during the fourth quarter.

We believe in celebrating every win at Next Generation Marketing Inc. Doing so makes each successful outcome easier to repeat, because we take time to reflect on what we learned along the way and how it can be applied to the next big chapter for our company. As we expand into new markets in 2019, we’ll use the productive lessons we picked up from every big win over the past year.

Our entire team has been amazing throughout 2018. We wouldn’t be going into the new year in such a strong position if it weren’t for their hard work and dedication. Most important are the achievements of Kevin who won the 2018 President’s Club Award on a National Platform while we were on our Rest and Relaxation Getaway in Las Vegas! He received the award for leading our team as an outstanding mentor and helping us all hit higher targets than anyone else around.

Kevin stated, “Looking back, 2018 was filled with personal growth, professional advancement, and the kinds of challenges that push you out of your comfort zone and allow you to sharpen your skill set. I couldn’t be happier with how well our team stepped up to open new platforms, take on new brands, and add value to our growing company.”

Check out just a few of the highlights of this past year: Not only did we take on three new companies in 2018, with more on a waiting list, but we’ve also scheduled several roll outs for the first quarter of 2019. Stay tuned to Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s social platforms for more about how we powered the NGM growth in 2018!