As the calendar turns to 2019, the excitement building in our Next Generation Marketing Inc. office is electric! Our plans are huge and we’ve bolstered that ambition with inspiration from the National Conference.

 Kevin, our CEO, was thrilled to bring Laura and Miriam along with him. They celebrated their hard work while also picking up some valuable knowledge to build momentum. They were able to network, learn from the brightest, and discover best practices that will have a positive impact on the solutions we deliver. On top of all that, those who attended were recognized for their excellence, which fuels them to do even more.

When it comes to travel, our team members push themselves to the limits to attend these outstanding events near and far. According to Kevin, “Laura set her goals on raising the bar and outperforming so that she would be able to qualify and represent Next Generation Marketing Inc. at this National Conference.”

For Miriam, this gathering is more than just a travel adventure – it’s a chance to showcase her skills on a broader scale. “Miriam understands what an ownership mentality really is. When we go to these conferences we divide and conquer. We grab as much information as we can to fuel our growth, so we can bring it back to our team and set the ball in motion,” said Kevin. “Not only is she attending, but she has been asked to speak in front of 60 other companies to share what she knows about driving a business to success. Congratulations, Miriam!”

Kevin enjoyed attending himself. “I went to this conference because it was an opportunity to hear from so many other business leaders who are willing to share the ideas and techniques that have impacted their businesses. Networking is the key to success,” he said. “If you can find things that are working and eliminate the time to experiment with new ideas, it will help you achieve your goals so much faster.” The hot topics we heard about were leadership techniques and skills, running a profitable business, hitting goals, and personal growth. 

“Our takeaways were huge!” exclaimed Kevin. “Watch out 2019!” Want to stay up-to-date on Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s travel adventures?  Like us on Instagram to see all our highlights.