At Next Generation Marketing Inc, our leaders promote themselves.

Throughout our 14 years of business, we have worked hard to give our team the resources they need to move up the ladder at our company. We’re excited to see Tina and Jerrick leading the charge in Sacramento and Indland Valley.

Jerrick promoted himself to partnership

Jerrick has been a part of NGM for many years, and now that hard work has paid off as he opens his own office.

” Here is a man who comes from a very competitive sports background, who rose to the challenge of not only becoming the best of the best in the sales field but learned how to coach others and bring out the best in each person he coached. He is also very strong on family- first mentality. So he takes on every task no matter how big or how small with a passion to bring home success to continue to hit his personal family goals. ” — Kevin Braden

Tina promoted herself to partnership

Tina has worked tirelessly to learn the processes at NGM and she is excited to bring that knowledge to her own office.

“Here is someone who fell in love with our ethics and style, her core values align with our core values and even though she lived 2 hours away from our office, and refused to believe that it was too far to travel to learn from the school of NGM not only did she makes the commitment travel without a question and excelled in the Management Training Program and became a Territory Brand Manager in her own city faster than I have seen in most other companies.” — Kevin Braden

“As brand new Territory Brand Managers they are running their own businesses with 100% support from NGM. They can become as big as they want, or stay as small as they want. Their success is truly in their own hands. And in my experience (Kevin) that freedom is second to none!” — Kevin Braden

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