It’s 2020, which means it’s time for our Next Generation Marketing Inc. New Year’s resolutions. While there will, of course, be goals that reflect our desire to advance in our careers, increase our revenue, and expand our company, we’re urging our team members to prioritize a more general pledge: make it a habit to step outside our comfort zones.

We already have a lot of changes lined up for the next 12 months, and these will require us to stretch beyond our normal routines – which is great, because traits like flexibility and grit are vital for Next Generation Marketing Inc. leaders. Especially in a fast-paced, growth industry like ours, settings and environments can shift quickly. Performing well no matter the context (or customer) needs to be second nature.

We prepare our people to take on new challenges and embrace change through our intensive training program. One-to-one guidance, hands-on workshops, and classroom settings ensure rapid knowledge transfer while also sharpening the skills needed to thrive in business. There are also travel opportunities throughout the year that get us in touch with the most accomplished people in live marketing – people with whom we share best practices and build our networks. This outstanding learning system helps our brand ambassadors know how to adapt and work with unique people in different places.

We have the momentum, the drive, and the training to make 2020 our best year ever. Like Next Generation Marketing Inc. on Facebook to learn about more of our resolutions for the future.