There are a lot of really talented and ambitious people out there who are missing out on achieving their dreams and that’s for one reason only – they don’t write down their goals! Next Generation Marketing Inc. didn’t become the best of the best by sitting on the sidelines. We lead the industry because we believe winning starts with putting a plan into action. And that process begins when we put it down on paper.

Let’s step back here for a minute. Why is a written goal so much easier to reach than one that’s in our heads? It’s all about the vision. “If you do not have a vision, if you do not know what you want to accomplish, you are just showing up and not living your life to the fullest,” said Miriam Carlinbryan, our Executive Office Manager.

Once we have our vision of where we want to be, having it in writing lets us work through our game plan on how to get there. And that means looking at all the smaller steps we need to take to see that one big win happen. “Most people see big goals as overwhelming,” said Kevin Braden, CEO and Founder of Next Generation Marketing Inc. “Breaking that big goal into little pieces feels less threatening, therefore we will accomplish more.”

So around here, we create milestones that are 90, 60, and 30 days out. Each time we hit our goals, we can see how far we’ve come and also know where we might need to course-correct. This practice is one that we encourage across the board at Next Generation Marketing Inc. “Nobody, no matter the title or position they may hold, is too good to go after something bigger,” said Miriam.

How are we measuring up against our written goals? Check out our Newswire for a rundown of our accomplishments.