Let’s talk about going for your goals while busting through obstacles.

Number one most people don’t have goals so they just kind of go with the flow and still they “hope” that good things will happen to them or for them. It’s so important to get off your butt and start moving toward something …even a small goal is better than no goal at all.


But people encounter obstacles and challenges along the way, and this is the main reason people fail!!! That obstacle is labeled as a problem and it derails and people fall off track and simply stop going after any type of goal. It takes longer to achieve that goal than they planned, so they give up or put on hold and say  “I’ll wait until x time, and then I’ll get started again.” And of course, that time never comes and years go by and they never got a chance to get back on track with their goals or they forgot what their goals were and they simply never return to the journey.


The mindset is so important and the first thing we talked about is to set a goal number. The second thing is to imagine that things will go wrong and attack it with the mindset that no obstacle is going to get in the way of you hitting your goal!


Break it down into small pieces and when you’re going after that goal it won’t be so massive or overwhelming. Talk about it often with people that have your back and want the best for you and those obstacles won’t seem so big because you won’t feel so alone as you attack them. And lastly, celebrate small accomplishments and it’s going to feel like you’re winning all the time!


Obstacles are going to come and go. Challenges help us grow, so embrace them get excited about them, and before you know it the bigger obstacles that you never thought you can breakthrough will be welcomed as another chance to grow.


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