Leadership is an important Next Generation Marketing Inc. principle that we embody in every way we can. Our current focus is on becoming thought leaders. We are setting the example for other businesses in our industry, and with that power comes great responsibility. This is something we do not take lightly, so we are devoting our efforts this year on educating eager leaders on important topics about owning your own business.


Kevin Braden, our Next Generation Marketing Inc. CEO and Founder, has been the leader in this initiative, sharing his thoughts on what it means to be a transparent team, and how this idea will make us more competitive. “I consider this company to be ours, not just mine, so our training and communication needs to be 100 percent transparent. That way, team members understand our business model enough that they feel free to innovate and make executive decisions.”


Being open also creates momentum for our team, according to Kevin. “When people take pride in their work, and feel a sense of ownership over their careers, a lot of positive energy is generated. This inspires us to be the best coaches we can to every person who joins our crew, and of course one of the most important traits a mentor can have is transparency.”


We also gave Kevin a chance to give some advice on how to bring transparency into an office culture, and he had this to say: “I’m not going to give advice that would help our competition. I’ll set the example, and the right people will notice.”


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