The buzz around the Next Generation Marketing Inc. office is all about our firm’s upcoming expansion into two new markets, led by rock stars Tina and Jerrick. They’ve worked very hard to develop themselves as people and professionals while also mastering our direct sales and marketing approach, and they’re now ready to strike out on their own and grow our company brand.

There’s more to this growth than just visibility though. We will also look to grow our Next Generation Marketing Inc. portfolio, as more territory gives us access to more consumers.

Three offices means we’ll also be hiring, and this has many benefits. Bringing solid jobs to more communities is always a good thing, and the sharp talent we add to our roster will be bringing us the fresh insights and perspectives we need to stay at the cutting edge of our field. Our growing expertise means we have more to teach these new hires as well.

Not to mention that Tina and Jerrick will now be in prominent leadership positions. These superstars are ready to show their new teams how to build and launch successful campaigns while also helping them hit their personal and professional goals.

There’s never been a better time to start a career journey with us! To find out what positions are available at each of our locations, like Next Generation Marketing Inc. on Facebook.