Everyone who is part of Next Generation Marketing Inc. is part of an elite group of hand-selected individuals who are the best of the best in the sales and marketing world. The same criteria extend to our summer interns as well. We go all-in to make sure they’re primed to excel in a competitive marketplace. The highest performers from the program have a chance to join us post-graduation (or even before).

Every summer a new batch of interns enters the Next Generation Marketing Inc. office knowing they’ll get the experience of a lifetime working with our team. Before they leave, every one of them will have a portfolio of impressive work they can present to future employers, along with a letter of recommendation. Those who really blow it out of the water with us will find opportunities to join us full time. In fact, we want our NEXT generation to work toward promoting themselves to account managers, whether it’s immediate or a chance to return at a later date.

What do our interns think about this program? Let’s ask them. Jaiditya Sisodia recounted how these interns were treated the same as full-time people, “The program at NGM made me accustom to a work-based environment and taught me things that I would learn in a professional environment.”

Claudia Evans, another Next Generation Marketing Inc. 2019 summer intern explained, “The internship program taught me the importance of preparation and gave me a platform in which to practice my marketing strategies through hands-on experience, which I don’t believe I could have gotten anywhere else. The intern assignments emphasized time management and prioritization, which are key aspects of any job. This program has helped me to become more comfortable with delivering presentations as well, which is a skill I need to succeed in any professional environment.”

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