Building an expert team is an art form of its own. Our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. managers have been through this experience. We’ve gathered a few pointers we’d like to pass along to help you if you’re beginning to form your own team.


The cornerstone of the process is creating a competency map. As our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. experts explain, this task is necessary to help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and the types of skills or traits that will complement your attributes. This map will also pinpoint all of the types of expertise you’ll need to grow your business or department successfully. From there, you can evaluate what you have and what you need to enhance.


Consider the type of personalities that will work best in your organization when hiring. While core skills related to the job are important, our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. professionals also have found that personal traits, such as how a person solves problems, should weigh just as heavily, if not more so. If it’s a choice between a person with better skills and someone with good skills but a better ability to work as a team member, go with the latter. Competencies can be improved upon, but personality characteristics rarely change.


Remember, building a team is about filling gaps and finding the right fit for your organization.