It’s easy to spot the hard workers on your team. These are the individuals who put forth extraordinary efforts. They deliver consistently solid results. At some point, these are the associates you’ll want to advance. If you’re grooming star team members, our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. experts suggest that you focus on helping them to develop the following skills:


  • Delegation: All too often, your best performers are reluctant to share work with others. One of the areas we focus on with our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. trainees is learning the art of delegation. Spend time helping them identify which tasks should be assigned to other team members. Show them how to identify which associates are the best fit for these projects.


  • Communication: Being able to articulate goals and provide necessary information in a clear and concise manner is amongst the most critical skills a new manager must perfect early on. Therefore, our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. pros suggest coaching these individuals on how to share knowledge. Show them how to motivate others through communication.


  • Goal Creation: While top performers often excel at setting goals for themselves, there’s a chance they aren’t as confident in setting objectives for others. As with delegation, this requires practice. Give them the opportunity to assign projects to other people, along with expectations and metrics. Monitoring progress is another facet that newly minted leaders must learn.


By helping your star team members build these skills, you are setting them up to be strong leaders for your firm’s future.