PLEASANTON, CA— For the third year in a row, Next Generation Marketing Inc. has been named a “Top Place to Work” by Fair Business Report, thanks to their in-depth training, dedicated mentorship, and growth incentives.

The FBR Top Places to Work award recognizes companies who show a real commitment to their people. Next Generation Marketing Inc. is a home for individuals to work hard to achieve their dreams and become a successful professional. Next Generation Marketing Inc. values mentorship-based learning and is invested in teaching and coaching their team of leaders. They have cultivated a culture of knowledge and excellence where both personal and professional growth is achieved. This is rare to find, which is why they have received the FBR Top Places to Work award three years in a row.

Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s Team Member comments on the Firm’s Immersive Approach to Professional Growth

Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s Executive Office Manager, Miriam says, “Our company is so different than any others out there, and for anyone who joins our team, we make it a priority to invest time and resources to set them up for success. It’s all about the ‘next generation’ coming into our business.” This approach is the core of the company: nothing about Next Generation Marketing Inc. is cookie cutter or standard. The company gives their team all the tools and materials necessary to succeed, including a mentor to guide, coach, and train them on every turn.

While training plays a critical role in each individual’s success, Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s mentor model provides invaluable real-life experience. Miriam says, “Mentorship is vital for any new team member to really learn what we are doing. We do not expect people to know exactly what we are doing right away, so a mentor is able to provide individualized coaching.” These training methods, mentorship and growth incentives are all reasons why Next Generation Marketing Inc. is celebrating their third year as one of FBR’s “Top Places to Work.” It is an honor that only reminds them to strive for greatness year after year.

We’re Celebrating 13 Years of Success by Welcoming 3 New Clients and 2 New Platforms

It’s an exciting time around the Next Generation Marketing Inc. office as we celebrate our 13-year anniversary. We have successfully used this fourth quarter to gain three new clients and two new platforms for our evolving company. What’s our secret to success, you may ask? What separates us from ANY other company out there is that we are always looking ahead and thinking outside the box. We are always looking to stay outside of our comfort zone and challenge every level of our business to continue to learn and grow. There is not another company here in the Bay Area doing exactly what we are doing, and we are looking to keep it that way!

About Next Generation Marketing, Inc

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. is a leading provider of futuristic marketing solutions. Each precise strategy results in an outreach program positioned to lift brands to higher market visibility. The firm’s well-trained branding specialists excel at building powerful, lasting connections with consumers. This means brands can expect long-term customers and lasting legacies. Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s scalable model is easily customized to serve any size business. For this reason, the team successfully promotes both Fortune 500 giants and small start-ups with ease. Learn more about their methods and what they’ve achieved at