When it comes to evaluating job candidates, many companies shy away from any type of personal question. This is usually a good idea, because it can be unethical or even illegal to delve too far into personal matters. However, we at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. believe there are two questions you should ask if you want to get a better understanding of a candidates’ personality.

We suggest asking job applicants what they do in their spare time and which books they have read recently. The responses you receive will tell you a lot about how much a person is investing in his or her success. Everyone has choices about what they will do with time away from work, and we at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. want to know that talented candidates are serious about their career pursuits.

The key benefit of asking these questions is that the responses let you know if a person is committed to constant improvement. You don’t want to waste too much time on people who stopped learning once they finished college, after all. We believe you should look for candidates who hold themselves to high standards and invest plenty of time in sharpening their professional skills. When you have a better idea of how an individual occupies his or her hours away from the office, you can make better hiring decisions.

We at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. hope you will use these personal queries to your advantage as you evaluate potential additions to your team.