PLEASANTON, CA – Next Generation Marketing, Inc’s CEO detailed the firm’s recent Rest and Relaxation Getaway to Las Vegas, including the memorable events team members enjoyed. He also highlighted the individuals chosen to go and the traits that help them succeed.

The annual Rest and Relaxation Getaway is something members of Team Next Generation Marketing, Inc always look forward to, and this year’s event took selected brand experts to Las Vegas. Among the events throughout the weekend, the team was most excited to attend a national recognition award ceremony where they watched Kevin, the president of Next Generation Marketing, receive the 2018 President’s Award. It was a tremendous honor to walk away from the conference with such a big, national recognition. After the award ceremony, the team dressed up for a gala to celebrate their success. Other highlights included attending a Blue Man Group show, networking with top business professionals, and listening to key note speeches. The trip was an ideal way for team members to see the big picture of what’s possible in the direct sales and marketing world with the right work ethic.

Kevin added that the yearly Rest and Relaxation Getaway is a great opportunity to network with top leaders and skilled performers from over 70 companies around the nation. The casual environment means it’s easy to share ideas, techniques, and creative suggestions with people who represent the same types of brands in different markets.

The CEO also believes in the team-building benefits of excursions such as the Vegas trip. He explained that getting away from the Next Generation Marketing, Inc office allows team members to get to know each other better. This is especially true with a fun destination like Las Vegas, where people get to see different sides of their coworkers. Kevin remarked that those chosen for the Rest and Relaxation Getaway came back refreshed and ready to maximize the fourth quarter.

Next Generation Marketing, Inc’s CEO Highlights Vegas Rest and Relaxation Getaway Attendees

Emily, Laura, Tina, and Miriam were the team members selected for the Vegas excursion. Kevin noted that Emily is highly competitive, bringing lots of energy and taking ownership of every event in which she is involved. He highlighted Laura’s attention to detail, adding that she is also a highly organized coach for her fellow team members.

The CEO described Tina as the most reliable business partner a person could ask for, adding that her growth-oriented mind-set allows her to achieve constant improvement. He lauded Miriam for her ability to go above and beyond and never stop until the target is hit. He added that Miriam has “Organization skills x10, helps every one of us stay focused and buttoned up.”

This was a first-time travel experience for Emily, Laura, and Tina. Kevin is certain that the new connections and insights these standout performers gained in Las Vegas will pay off in big ways around the office.

Kevin concluded by outlining the special Next Generation Marketing, Inc touches that colored the Rest and Relaxation Getaway. He announced the qualifying brand experts in memorable Vegas style, and followed that up with branded accessories for the journey. The team members who went had all kinds of custom goodies for the trip, including t-shirts and tote bags.

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