How can you successfully motivate your team? Our professionals at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. suggest that building an inspired team is easier than you might think. Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Recognize Their Efforts: Everyone loves to know their hard work is appreciated. Therefore, our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. experts recommend that you take time to be that person who provides recognition and expresses gratitude to people for their dedication. Simply offering positive feedback will go a long way toward helping your team stay focused and energized.
  • Balance Negatives: Human nature dictates that it is easier to dwell on the negative. If you must meet with an associate about a behavior you need him or her to change, our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. team suggests balancing it with a positive comment. In other words, don’t just tell this person what he or she did wrong. Encourage the individual by sharing what he or she did well.
  • Encourage Adaptability: Changes and transitions can cause massive stress and lost productivity. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm solutions with your team members. This will provide them with some input into the situation. It might also net you some original ideas that take full advantage of an upcoming challenge.

Including and recognizing your people are viable ways to create an inspired team, without a lot of money or effort required.