Whenever Next Generation Marketing, Inc. adds a new brand to its portfolio, the atmosphere around the office is electric! That’s very appropriate for our recent partnering with Goal Zero.

Goal Zero has made portable solar power a reality. Now hikers, campers, and others who enjoy communing with Mother Nature can use clean energy to power their electronic and digital devices.

Representing high-end brands like Goal Zero will help Next Generation Marketing, Inc. create new positions at the firm. Also, it makes our goal of office expansion within the next year a reality, and gets us that much closer to hosting 50 events a week (another major target for us).

As a major bonus to the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. team, Goal Zero is the first tech company we’ve ever promoted. This gives us a chance to expand our marketing style in a new direction and explore our creative skills from a fresh angle.

Leading the way for our team are Samantha and Jon. Samantha really stretched herself on the Goal Zero campaign, going from very little knowledge about solar power to becoming an expert. She uses this learning experience to help others get up to speed with this emerging technology. Jon came in with a little more background, and so has developed his know-how at showing how the products work.

Be on the lookout for our Goal Zero events in your area!