Here at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., we know networking can become an exhausting pursuit from time to time. If you go long enough without making a truly beneficial connection, the act of building your network can start to seem pointless. However, we have a few tips that will help you avoid this type of burnout and get back on the right networking track:

• Be More Selective: This doesn’t apply only to the people you connect with; you should also carefully choose the events you attend. Search for meetups with groups that suit your interests. You might be surprised how many networking functions revolve around photography, cooking, and wine tasting.

• Take Time for Yourself: If you find yourself distracted or discouraged during a networking event, we at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. suggest taking a few minutes for yourself. Take a walk outside and then come back to the proceedings freshly energized. After meeting someone, sit by yourself for a few minutes to make some notes about your new connection.

• Revise Your Elevator Pitch: Using the same spiel over and over again will certainly cause some degree of burnout. We suggest revamping your pitch or focusing more on asking questions of others during your networking pursuits.

These strategies will help you get more out of every networking function you attend. We at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. wish you luck in applying them.