At Next Generation Marketing, Inc., we recognize the most challenging aspect of accomplishing anything is maintaining the motivation to move forward. It’s easy to find excuses and avoid a project or objective and therefore naturally procrastinate. If you’re faced with feeling as if you can’t get started, here are some excellent practices:

  • Do One Thing: Our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. professionals suggest that sometimes, it’s a matter of taking that one small step toward your goal that will get you started. Therefore, break down your large tasks into smaller steps. Select one task and go forth to complete it. That one step will become like a snowball running down a mountain. Before long, you’ll be picking up steam and making an avalanche of progress.
  • Set Deadlines: To ensure you actually give yourself incentive to start, attach deadlines to your tasks. Certainly these deadlines should be well in advance of any hardline stop dates. By giving yourself a timeframe, you’re less likely to put things off again and again.
  • Done Is Better Than Perfect: Our associates at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. understand the desire to be perfect. However, if you’re staring at a whiteboard, too paralyzed with fear of making a mistake to do anything, that’s not great either. Find a starting point and begin. More ideas might come forth once you build momentum.

As you can see, the secret to no longer procrastinating is to just DO.