Many professionals find networking stressful. In fact, we’d be lying if we said everyone at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. loved doing it, and people skills are our thing.


However, almost all of us become comfortable developing our professional networks, in part because we know how to take some of the stress out of the activity. Rather than focus on a long list of requirements, we’ve decided that there are really only three rules that every successful networker should follow.


For starters, rather than a specific technique for connecting with people, we recommend that Next Generation Marketing, Inc. associates network with integrity. We’ve found that the negative association many professionals have with networking comes from the way they were taught to do it. Often, they were trying to get something over others, or at least trying to come out ahead.


Also, it’s important to consider what value you can provide to the individuals you meet. It’s best to have a few things in mind before going out to meet people, so that you can avoid being one of those networkers who only thinks of him or herself.


Finally, networking should not be a random process. Time is valuable to us at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., and we don’t want to waste ours or anyone else’s. For this reason, we try to make connections that can be mutually beneficial, and politely pass when such reciprocity doesn’t exist.


Just as it has for us, following these three guidelines will make networking much simpler and less stressful for you.