Having a wide and diverse professional network is a key to achieving long-term prosperity. We at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. understand that networking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so we would like to share a few tips that will help you add helpful contacts:


  • Do Your Homework: You need to know who will be in attendance at an event so you know who your targets will be. Do some research on LinkedIn and company websites so that you have some icebreakers already in mind.


  • Ask Lots of Questions: People love to talk about themselves and their career ventures, so ask plenty of open-ended questions to learn more about new contacts. You will be remembered fondly if you listen more than you talk in a networking context.


  • Mind Your Posture: We at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. encourage you to keep an open posture as you try to connect with new people. Keep your head up and avoid crossing your arms or legs, because these behaviors give off a sense of unfriendliness and even outright hostility.


  • Write Down Important Details: Right after a networking event, jot down as much helpful information as you can to remember details about your new contacts. This strategy also helps you remember to follow up in the days following your initial meetings.


If you remember these simple strategies, we at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. are confident that you will efficiently expand your network.