Becoming a manager for the first time is a bit like wading into unchartered waters. There’s a lot to learn in order to navigate your ship (in this case, your team) successfully. Our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. managers are happy to share the wisdom they’ve gained to help you establish yourself as a leader:


  • Use Existing Strengths: Yes, you will develop new skills as a manager. However, our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. professionals would like to remind you that your current strengths are still quite useful in your new role. Think of what made you successful prior to this opportunity. For example, you might be a great motivator or articulate communicator. How can you use this to your advantage?


  • Build a Strong Relationship With Your Team: While you want to avoid being their best friend, you should still work to form a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. experts propose that this comes from being transparent with goals, expectations, and news. It also comes from recognizing your team members when they do well. Share credit with your team when there are successes, and be accountable when there are setbacks by accepting blame as a leader, rather than passing it on to others.


  • Develop Your Own Style: Be gracious about accepting feedback from others while focusing on developing your own unique leadership style that reflects your personal characteristics and attributes.


Put these practices into place and you’ll be a star manager in no time.