Team building is a part of Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s operations. It proves our pledge to collaboration and inspires communication.


One activity that Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s leaders enjoy involves getting the whole team together over a long lunch and working through a personal assessment tool. It’s not the most exciting activity we take part in, but these are great reasons for our entire team to engage in conversation about our own and each other’s traits and work styles. These are some tools that are certain to provide food for thought:


  • Basadur Creative Problem-Solving Profile: The premise of this profile is that all goals or projects follow four basic steps: first you see the problem, then you think of ways to solve the problem. After that, you come up with a plan, and then you take action. Everyone is better at some part of this process and weaker in others, and this tool helps you identify the right mix of people for every plan.


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator: Most Next Generation Marketing, Inc. associates had taken some version of the Myers Briggs test before coming here. Through the use of four different scales it categorizes people into 16 distinct types. From there, the results can be used for personal enrichment and studying team dynamics.


Bowling and potluck dinners are more fun, but an hour or two spent finding out more about ourselves is time well invested.