Next Generation Marketing Inc. has big plans for 2019 – the most momentous plans of which we’re now ready to unveil! First, we’re expanding yet again, which means more brands, bigger territory, and yes, more chances for top-notch people to launch a career with us. It’s a really exciting time to be part of our team.

So what are we doing to be ahead of the game by the end of this year and ready to leap into 2020? For starters, we’re putting all of our focus on this expansion while developing our amazing team members. We want everyone here to be ready for new challenges that will propel their careers going forward, so the Next Generation Marketing Inc. training program is in full gear right now.

We know that towards the end of the year, it’s just as important if not more so for everyone to stay on their toes and motivated, which is why this chance to grow comes at such a perfect time. Miriam Carlinbryan, Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s Executive Office Manager, recently talked about why it’s so important for everyone to end this year on a high note. “I mean, you are setting yourself up for an amazing year next year,” she said. “If you play your cards right and don’t lose momentum, it will be huge. However, each individual on the team can really only do that for themselves. That means reviewing what they came in set to do in 2019!”

Check our progress as we step up the pace for the final months of 2019. Like us on Facebook to see how far we’ve come.