PLEASANTON, CA – A great opportunity for college students interested in marketing awaits at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. The firm’s managers announced that they are recruiting summer interns. The firm was recognized as a 2016 Top Place to Work.


“We have put together a fairly intense business and marketing internship program that will allow our interns to continue learning on a daily basis,” said Kevin, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s President. “We really want our interns to get the most out of their short time with us.”


According to Kevin, the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. internship program provides participants with hands-on experience that will be key for their résumé and portfolios. “By the end of the summer, the goal is for them to have run and managed a full event,” he said.


“Our summer interns and summer grads will witness the core values needed to run a successful business,” Kevin added. “Members of our team learn so much about themselves and the business every day.”


Among those values Kevin cited are the firm’s focus on goals and objectives. “We are a very goal-oriented office,” he said “We really want to make sure our team members set S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely). We all work hard to make sure everyone is reaching their objectives.”


Ongoing learning is also a significant part of the firm’s culture, which is extended to those in the internship program. “We want to learn something new every single day,” Kevin emphasized. “Therefore, a growth-oriented mind-set is key. We immerse our new members (grads and interns) in what it takes to represent brands and learn how to sustain growth, not just for our business but theirs as well. Interns and grads will focus on management skills for their futures, learn how to be mentors to other people, and become future leaders.”


In addition to gaining skills and expertise, successful interns could find themselves with a position at the firm. “In addition to writing them a letter of recommendation, we also extend an open-ended job offer for when they graduate or when they are home on breaks,” Kevin stated. “If they live locally, they can work part time with us until they graduate. These students are our next generation. They are the future of our company!”


Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Managers on Being Named Top Place to Work 2016


As Kevin announced, Next Generation Marketing, Inc. has been named one of the Fair Business Report’s (FBR) Top Places to Work Award for 2016. This award was presented for the firm’s efforts toward creating a positive and empowering workplace for its team members.


According to the FBR criteria, the award is given to member companies when they receive 10 or more positive peer reviews within one calendar year through the FBR website.


“We are so honored to be recognized with this award,” Kevin exclaimed. “Our team members all really enjoy working together and working with our business. It is a privilege. We take great pride in receiving this highly regarded award, because it really showcases and celebrates our team-based culture.”


“Moreover, we look forward to our new interns and summer grads being able to experience what we offer this year,” Kevin concluded. “We have a great program that reflects our values and we know they’ll gain much from being part of it.”



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