PLEASANTON, CA – Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s CEO detailed a career fair and conference recently attended by his team members. He also discussed why the firm is an ideal landing spot for the sharpest talent.


The executive team at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. uses every recruiting tool at its disposal. Kevin, the CEO, explained, “We leave no stone unturned in our search for the best talent, and we recently attended a large career fair at California State University at East Bay. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase the path to achievement we offer driven and talented graduates. I know we made a big impression on the students we met, and I’m looking forward to adding dynamic new talent over the next few months.”


New graduates offer a range of unique benefits to an organization, in Kevin’s estimation. He explained, “When skilled young people join a company right out of college, they bring with them a devotion to learning new concepts and a knack for applying them. They never get out of that student mode, and that is a real plus to a firm like Next Generation Marketing, Inc. We stress continuous learning and innovation, and new graduates fit perfectly into our culture.”


One way company leaders follow through with ongoing education is through travel events. The team recently attended a national quarterly conference at which Kevin had the chance to train individuals in two big campaigns. “I have been a program manager since last year for these business partners,” the CEO added. “The conference offered an ideal setting for training our team members in the finer points of campaign management. It was a memorable trip and I’m already looking forward to the next conference.”


Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s CEO Highlights the Firm’s Commitment to Professional Development


Kevin believes Next Generation Marketing, Inc. is a prime destination for any skilled person who wants to grow and develop on a daily basis. He remarked, “For our leadership team, training isn’t something that ends after a few weeks. We are always finding new ways to educate our people and help them sharpen their professional skills. Whether it’s traveling to industry conferences or hosting seminars in our own office, we give our associates every opportunity to learn and improve.”


The CEO and the rest of the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. leadership team also make expectations crystal clear. Kevin stated, “Our associates know exactly what they are responsible for and how their efforts contribute to our larger mission. We empower our people to do their best, and we also offer merit-based advancement so that they know what to do to reach their career goals. I believe that makes our firm an ideal option for the brightest candidates.”


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