PLEASANTON, CA – Kevin, CEO, and Founder of Next Generation Marketing Inc., highlighted some of the company’s successes from 2019, which included opening two new offices. He also credited team member Jeremey Palma for his contributions to the firm.

The hardest part about looking back on the wins of 2019 was deciding which of the many victories to focus on, according to Kevin. In the end, though, he said that it was the fact that Next Generation Marketing Inc. expanded its reach into two new territories: Inland Valley and Sacramento. These moves more than doubled the size of the firm and allowed two veteran team members to assume command of their own sites. 

Tina Harbert and Jerrick Powell both started at Next Generation Marketing Inc. in entry-level roles, and are now running offices of their own. They have been busy adding clients to the company portfolio while hiring and training their own teams. Not only does having more than one office create greater income and growth potential for the company, but the chances to cross-train in different locations is exciting to everyone in the organization as well.

Recognizing a Next Generation Marketing Inc. Superstar

Kevin explained that there are a lot of people to thank for the success that Next Generation Marketing Inc. experienced in the last 12 months, but one name that stood out to him was Jeremey Palma. Jeremey was constantly breaking ground with clients, and could always be counted on to think of creative ways to push sales numbers past expectations for all the companies that he and the rest of the team represent. 

While Jeremey was busy getting results, he also embodied the Next Generation Marketing Inc. values that have made the company successful. Leadership is one of these ideals, and Jeremey did a great job of modeling behaviors like collaboration and transparency, according to Kevin. Also, when Jeremey wasn’t busy working on his career goals, he was working on himself, using the principle of nonstop learning to solidify the foundation of knowledge needed for both short- and long-term success. 

Congratulations again to Jeremey on raising the performance bar for everyone on Team Next Generation Marketing Inc., and to Jerrick and Tina for opening up offices of their own. With the incredible successes and momentum gained by the team, Kevin is certain that the team will exceed all their goals for the coming year.

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