Many businesses shut down during 2020 and others were struggling to hold on. Last year was rough for so many, but 2020 is behind us, and no matter if you had a good year or challenging year and we are now into a new season and ready for the next chapter 2021.


“Many businesses are waiting for things to go back to the way that they were but our ideas cannot lose momentum due to changes that stopped progress temporarily due to the pandemic in 2020. With the attitude that things change anyway regardless of the things that are happening around us Next Generation Marketing, Inc. didn’t deviate from the goals and made major progress.” Kevin the CEO of Next Generation Marketing, Inc. explained, “…so in my opinion to find success you must shift your focus and not only focus on things that are slowing you down or it can cause you to alter your goals. You must keep looking at your plan and attack your plan on a daily basis. You need to break through barriers and take challenges head-on. If you think big enough nothing can slow you down. You must rise above anything that could slow the average business or person down and learn to become stronger and improve your skillset. I believe hard work changes everything you and you will always make progress.” 


We learned a lot about our team, business, and our goals in 2020. We learned that if we work together we will always continue to move forward as individuals and as an organization. We are now more focused than ever to achieve the goals we haven’t hit yet and overcome any new challenges and continue to expand into new territories in CA as well as in the next few years expanding Nation Wide!


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