Next Generation Marketing, Inc. is growing, and our leaders are seeking people with fresh views and a can-do spirit to join our team. We just took part in a career fair at San Jose State University, knowing that students and new graduates are the next generation of professionals who will make an impact on our industry.

Emily, our talent coordinator, and Miriam, our hiring manager and executive office manager, represented our firm at the event. It was only an hour-long career fair, with no more than 15 other companies invited to attend, so we sent in our power team – the people who make all the final decisions when it comes to hiring new Next Generation Marketing, Inc. team members.

Our mind-set toward HR is at the heart of our continued success. We have a thorough coaching program that helps our trainees gain all the knowledge they require to succeed. The system is also very flexible, allowing new colleagues to progress at their own paces and use their own learning styles. This approach to training is one reason we love attending career fairs – our knowledge combined with the energy and creative spirit of a student or recent grad is an unbeatable combo!

As our status in the area grows, we’re sure to attract the attention of even more schools that want to give their students a chance to work with the best companies. To see if Next Generation Marketing, Inc. will be at a career fair near you, follow us on Instagram.