Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s team believes that knowledge is power and every day, we’re using that power to fuel our growth into the next chapter of our company. It’s no surprise we have a client waitlist as a result!

For starters, we’re not your average firm when it comes to training because of all the hands-on learning we provide. Our learning environment is intensive and individualized to ensure each person has what he or she needs to achieve goals. Personal mentoring, daily breakdowns and feedback, and bi-weekly meeting-of-the-minds training sessions position all of our team members to hit the ground running.

We don’t limit our education to on-boarding. Our people routinely venture to fully paid conferences and seminars where they have access to the sharpest minds in this industry. For someone who has longed for a chance to travel to exciting locales, this is the place to be. Plus, our unlimited mentorship and encouragement from every level, including our CEO, inspire our brand specialists to keep on reaching higher and learning as much as they can.

What’s most inspiring is to see those who might not have otherwise had a chance at a career in business thrive. “Next Generation Marketing Inc. is a level playing field because it’s not always about who has the best degree or education,” said Kevin Braden, our CEO. “It’s more about work ethic, attitude, and student mentality.”

It’s not just our team that benefits. The brands we represent succeed because of the priority we place on training and development. In fact, our reputation for excellence has made us the most sought-after agency for one-on-one marketing solutions. “In order for us to deliver for our clients, we must learn everything there is about that company in order to give them true representation,” said Kevin. “We treat that client with 100 percent ownership mentality. If we are not knowledgeable about the clients and how they want their businesses run, then we would not live up to expectations and we would not have a waitlist of clients asking for us to take them on next year!”

“Our culture in NGM is that of teamwork; everyone wants to feel connected and when working with a positive inspirational team it will bring out the best in everyone,” explained Kevin. “Like they say, ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’ The human connection is stronger than anything else I know.” Check out Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s Facebook to see our success in action.