Promoting ourselves is more than just something we talk about at Next Generation Marketing Inc. It’s how we live and breathe! Everyone here is engaged in self-promotion because we’re motivated to the core to charge forward and return as champions.

There are two big ways in which we at Next Generation Marketing Inc. promote ourselves. The first is by using all the learning resources made available for professional and personal growth. We have clear paths to follow – including a checklist and all the tools to be very successful in our company given to all new team members. Mentors coach us each step of the way.

The second key is individual effort. Those who can show they’ve got the chops find themselves promoted to Account Managers, where they go on to learn a whole new skill set and how to manage brands. As Kevin, our CEO, makes evident at every opportunity, “We are teaching leadership skills, we provide the tools, you build your future.”

Read on for how our people describe this two-step process for promoting ourselves.

Having a purpose is vital. “Without a reason your goals are meaningless,” said LaTricia Lewis, Account Manager. “We should all have something that drives us, our passion. We set goals and manifest them, but without passion and drive you will never accomplish what you want or need in life. When we start within our company, we are given the fundamentals and systems to use and follow. But it’s never the coach or the CEO that promote us – we promote ourselves. My advice is work hard, study, and perfect the tools for success and learn as much as you can with an open mind. It’s always important to invest in yourself.”

Setting attainable objectives is another element, says Tina Harbert, another one of our successful Account Managers. “Your goals need to be realistic and obtainable,” she said. “This will help you reach your full potential, which will aid you in promoting yourself in our business.”

Big things happen when we work hard to promote ourselves. Check out Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s Newswire feed to see who is moving up in their career next.