When we asked Kevin Braden, Founder and CEO of Next Generation Marketing Inc., about the importance of growth, he had this to say: “People change, the times change, needs change. As a business, and as professionals, we can’t afford to be left behind, so we need to keep evolving.” To ensure this sentiment is put into practice, Kevin has invested in a comprehensive continual learning program that incorporates the latest techniques and data relevant to our field.


Other places rely on the same old same old – dusty manuals and boring classes. At Next Generation Marketing Inc., the training stays fresh and relevant. From day one, new hires are paired with a personal coach to guide them through their crucial first career steps, and give them a one-to-one learning experience. We also provide hands-on workshops, and even trips to weekend conferences that bring us around the biggest names in our industry.


What’s more, we can verify that our curriculum works. We just added four new clients to our firm’s portfolio in the first two months of 2020! Which, according to Kevin, was inevitable. “I’m not surprised at our incredible achievements, because I see how hard everyone on the team is working every day. We’ve been planning these launches since Q3 of 2019, and we’ve been focused on personal and professional growth the whole time, so I always knew this would be the end result.”


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