If there’s one factor that makes Next Generation Marketing Inc. successful, it’s our people. We yield good results year after year because we have the right people on our team. Our people believe no challenge is too great because they are focused on personal and professional growth. We believe failure is just as important as success because we are able to learn from those experiences.

It all starts with Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s training program. We start by outlining the expectations as soon as the new team members walk through the doors, then we supply the materials and guidance needed to achieve those expectations. We teach people how to achieve small benchmarks that eventually lead them to achieving big goals. Both small and big movements toward an ultimate goal are more likely to have positive results than just reaching for the big goal with no method to get there.

Success is not like buying a lottery ticket. It takes hard work plus determination. Every person at Next Generation Marketing Inc. has a checklist of milestones to follow to reach the next level. But according to team members, just going through the motions to reach goals is not enough.

“I think there is a big difference between an employee mind-set and an entrepreneurial mind-set,” said Jeremey, a Senior Brand Executive. “Somebody is way more valuable at a partnership level versus just managing one event. Now to get to that type of position in our business, somebody is required to achieve certain criteria on our checklists. I know that just checking stuff off a list alone will not get somebody to that level. It takes that entrepreneurial mind-set as well. Go the extra mile and do what it takes to master skill sets and influence others to do better as well. In order to advance to a position, you want to first experience the things that the position requires. That’s a true entrepreneur and one who thrives in our business.”

“It’s important to do more than just the checklist because not only do we need different types of experiences within our company, we need them in our daily life,” explained LaTricia, an Account Manager. “Not everyone or every situation is the same, so things need to be tailored and checklists are made to show what needs to be done. But how you complete them is always based on your own personal style.”

Laura, another one of our Account Managers, summed it up well. “A strong work ethic is important to any position, especially this one. If you do the bare minimum, you don’t achieve your goals or even grow as a person.”

Phoning it in isn’t something we do at Next Generation Marketing Inc. Check out our Newswire to get updates on focus on personal growth does for our team.