Four years ago, Kevin, Next Generation Marketing Inc.’s Founder and CEO, and Miriam, Executive Office Manager, set out to break from the ordinary and go with the extraordinary and create a summer internship program. They had benchmarked other companies’ programs and saw that in most cases, interns were relegated to filling out forms and picking up coffee orders. That just wouldn’t do for us.

Instead, the Next Generation Marketing Inc. summer internship program takes college students on an intense, eight-week, full-time dive into what it’s like to be a campaign manager at NGM. These interns train alongside our entry-level permanent hires and become immersed in learning about our effective marketing strategies. They have goals, deadlines, and expectations to meet, and each one works alongside a mentor.

Since this is such a thorough program, only a few applicants are selected to join the program each year. In the end, those who really show they are responsible, independent high-achievers will be invited to join our firm. This summer, we offered full-time positions to two out of our five interns. Overall, we had a 100 percent completion rate of the program.

Patrick Ward was one of those who participated this summer. He talked about his experience, “This internship program helped shape me in the professional world in many ways. It showed me how to step out of my comfort zone and utilize the different marketing strategies that we were taught, to successfully reach our desired customers. It also gave me the ability to better my public speaking skills and to stay positive while talking to customers. I’ve picked up skills and the ability to feel comfortable about going out into the business world.”

According to another one of our star interns, Pavani Chendica, “My favorite part of the summer internship was talking to people and selling the products. It’s a whole new experience to achieve customer satisfaction from the products we sell.”
Chris Dong found our goal-setting lessons most helpful. “The most important way this internship program shaped me in the professional world is it taught me how important it is to set goals, and how to achieve them, not only in my personal life, but my professional life as well.”

Watching these interns develop into solid business leaders is a very rewarding experience. Check out our Next Generation Marketing Inc. Newswire for the latest on our team members’ success.