This industry moves at a fast pace, which is why our approach at Next Generation Marketing Inc. is to move even faster and stay ahead of the trends. We know exactly what grows business – our dedication to our team, our perseverance towards getting good results, and our focus in continual learning. When we combine that with our team’s skills, talents, and constant hard work, we generate serious results. There is no other business in the Bay Area that does exactly what we do.

Just ask Jeremey Palma, Sr. Brand Executive: “I feel that we are in an industry that requires constant growth, development, and change. There are always new things to learn. By learning new skills, you also need to learn to apply them, which is a whole other ball game. When new skills are applied not only do results increase but so does confidence, which leads to a domino effect of progression.”

Our Next Generation Marketing Inc. CEO, Kevin Braden, agrees. “Applied skills equals results every time.”

There’s no doubt that our knowledge transfer approach is what sets us apart. That’s because it sets up our newest team members to put their talents to work immediately as they learn the techniques that have made Next Generation Marketing Inc. an industry leader. Working with an account manager from day one, allows new team members to get right into campaign creation, which lets them see how their own knowhow combined with the skills developed during training work in the real world.

This practice – when implemented through hard work – cements their learning and makes them more confident professionals. “You really grow as an individual and as a team,” said Laura Seales, Account Manager. “You’re able to really see what you can do and are capable of doing and it boosts morale.”

We fuel a passionate drive in our people and that’s evident in the results we achieve and how quickly our team grows. Like us on Facebook for a rundown on how we’re putting our talents to work each day.