PLEASANTON, CA – Kevin, CEO of Next Generation Marketing Inc., congratulated Jerrick and Tina on their promotions. Kevin discussed the leadership attributes that have helped them succeed, and what they can expect during the expansion.

First and foremost, Tina and Jerrick are so outstanding because they’re results-driven. This is one of the primary attributes that Kevin appreciates in these two Next Generation Marketing Inc. superstars, and one of the main reasons they’re the perfect choices for leading the company’s upcoming expansion into Sacramento and Inland Valley.

Another of their stellar qualities? They lead by example. When there’s a project to be done, they model the right attitude and behavior. Then, once the pace has been set, they’re both comfortable stepping into coach mode and empowering others to achieve success as well through continued education.

Tina and Jerrick will be promoted to Territory Brand Managers, running their own locations with 100 percent support from Next Generation Marketing Inc. Their future is truly in their own hands; they have the authority to grow as big as they want, and at whatever pace they choose. This is, in Kevin’s opinion, the greatest experience: that feeling of freedom that comes from knowing that success is in one’s own hands.

Putting Jerrick and Tina in the Next Generation Marketing Inc. Spotlight

According to Kevin, Tina is someone who fell in love with the ethics and style she found at Next Generation Marketing Inc. Her core values aligned with the company’s, and even though she lived two hours away from the office she refused to believe that it was too far to travel. The firm’s learning system was exactly what she was looking for to set the foundation, so she made the commitment and never looked back, bringing her A-game with her every day. She excelled in the Management Training Program and became a Territory Brand Manager as fast as anyone ever had, Kevin reported.

Jerrick’s story starts with his competitive sports background, which taught him how to rise to a challenge and work toward being the best at what he does. Perhaps even more importantly, once he learned how to do something well, he then coached others and brought the best out in them as well. His family-first mentality fuels his efforts; he takes on every task no matter how big or small with a passion to bring his success home with him.

Tina and Jerrick have proven themselves to be key players on Team Next Generation Marketing Inc., and Kevin looks forward to this next phase of their career journeys. He is certain they will bring the same tenacity and drive to their new markets and experience even greater levels of success.

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