If there’s one thing that sets winning companies apart from the rest, it’s company culture. In our Next Generation Marketing offices, we strive to cultivate a cohesive team environment. The benefits of such a workplace are evident in our accomplishments to date.

“Here at Next Generation Marketing, we don’t want to be just another corporate USA company,” said Kevin, our CEO. “This is why I make the effort to be connected to my team. I want to know each person who is helping to build this company. And, believe me, we are all in the business of building this firm.”

Kevin emphasized why it is important for him as Next Generation Marketing’s CEO to have a hands-on leadership experience with our people. “I could not imagine working in a business environment not knowing the people with whom I am working,” he said. “Everyone has a goal. It is so much easier to hit a goal collectively than to grind it out solo. Therefore, the connection is not only necessary, it is imperative.”

As Kevin continued, our firm’s collaborative approach is why we’re leading the industry in event-based marketing. “A strong company culture supports innovation,” he said. “When people are empowered and everyone’s voice is heard, the results we can deliver far exceed anything we might do individually.”

We continue to nurture our company culture.