There’s an old saying that you have to see what success looks like before you can realize it. That’s why we practice visualization around Next Generation Marketing Inc. What does this look like? Let’s break it down.

When we have a goal we really want to hit, we close our eyes and picture what it would mean to us to reach that target. Not just the result, but what it will feel like to be in the winner’s circle when our mission is complete. What rewards will we enjoy? Who will be there to celebrate with us? How will this accomplishment enhance our lives going forward?

We embrace visualization as part of our goal-planning strategy at Next Generation Marketing Inc. because we know that when we can imagine the benefits of success, we’ll be more motivated to stay on course. The other upside to visualizing our goals is that we also get a sense for what we need to do on the journey toward the end goal.

Since the time between setting a goal and achieving it can be long, we don’t wait until we’ve crossed the finish line to celebrate. Instead, we put milestones in place and give ourselves props when we hit them, too. “If you do not celebrate the wins, big or small, you will not feel like you are going anywhere or accomplishing anything,” said Miriam Carlinbryan, our Executive Office Manager.

Even our CEO/Founder, Kevin Braden, agrees. “Each win is a milestone in our career development and if we don’t celebrate, what’s the sense in pushing so hard for your big goal?”
The best part is we love to share our celebrations with everyone.

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