In just two months, NGM is welcoming 4 new industries and 1 new platform. This is a massive accomplishment for us and launches us well and above our competitors. How did we get this far?


It’s all thanks to the foundation we laid in 2019. Our connections are what make or break our business. We continuously strive to open up new opportunities for our business and our team by getting our foot in the door with new clients. What’s the big takeaway? Step outside your comfort zone. Get out there and start making connections. You never know where a conversation will take you, so start making them!


Our Next Generation Marketing Inc. theme for the year is “Building Momentum in 2020,” and we feel like four new clients in the first two months proclaims our commitment to it with authority. We hit the ground running in Q1 and will build on this energy, propelling our entire team to strive for big accomplishments all year long.


We asked Kevin Braden, our Founder and CEO, for some comments on these recent developments. “I think experience speaks for itself. Obviously, if we are this in demand with new companies, it means we have been doing a great job,” he said. “We have refined our strategies when it comes to meeting the needs of our business partners, which will lead to unprecedented growth in 2020.”


The four new clients we’ll be working with are different from the businesses we’ve worked with in the past, but Kevin is confident that this will inspire us to become even better at what we do. “More clients equals more money, more opportunities for advancement, and more growth,” Kevin stated.


There’s never been a more exciting time to consider a career in on-site marketing. Like Next Generation Marketing Inc. on Facebook to learn more about us, and any openings on our team.