Next Generation Marketing, Inc culture is all about learning. We remain industry leaders because we never stop gaining knowledge. This includes picking up new techniques that make our in-person campaigns even more effective for the brands we represent. In January, select team members will be attending a national conference that will put them front and center with industry leaders to learn and grow even more.

“Our executive management, Miriam and Jerrick, will be joining me at this meeting,” said Kevin, our Next Generation Marketing, Inc CEO. “We are going to start off this year strong!”

According to Kevin, the entire Next Generation Marketing, Inc office benefits from the knowledge that each conference delegation garners. “Each of these functions offers tons of information, best practices, and tried and true tactics that we can adopt here in our region and enhance the services we offer brands,” Kevin said. “There are keynote speakers, as well as breakout sessions during which we exchange our favorite tips with people from other regions.”

The other key benefit from attending these conferences is we can build our professional networks. “We meet industry leaders who can be influential during our careers,” Kevin said. “These connections become important as we continue to expand our business.”

We frequently send our people to knowledge-sharing events like this conference.